More than forty manufacturers recommend using a N.W.F.A. certified professional! Why trust the installation of your new hardwood flooring to just anyone? Installing a new hardwood floor or matching a existing hardwood floor? Our team of experts will work with you to find the right wood floor that will work best for your home. Whether you are looking for unfinished hardwood flooring or factory finished hardwood flooring we are experienced in the proper installation of both.  We take the necessary steps to insure your new hardwood floors are properly installed.

Best home improvement experience I've ever had

Darin of Elegant Floors is one of the very few people that I can emphatically recommend with absolute confidence. 

We had them install and finish 2 1/2" red oak hardwood flooring in our 12' x 30' home office to match the existing floor type throughout the rest of our house. Soon we will be getting him to come back to refinish the rest of the house. 

Here are some specifics about why you should choose Elegant Floors:

Darin is a genuinely good guy and you will really enjoy working with him. He is one of the few people you'll ever meet that does things because it's the right thing to do, not because he has to or because you're watching. You'll see what I mean. He's actually one of the most trustworthy people I know. 

His knowledge of his craft is unparalleled (and I interviewed several other guys). He truly understands all of the technicalities and actually follows through with them when doing the job.

He is there when he says he will be, provides a clearly written quote that exactly spells out the work to be done and specifies the products he will be using. (be careful with other flooring guys who may hand-wave this step and give you vague pricing and use sub par materials to make the job more profitable). Darin is a straight shooter, his work is meticulously done and he respects your home while he is there. 

Be sure to listen to any advice he might give you because he knows what he's talking about - for example for us he recommended using the commercial water based clear and going with the integrated in-floor air registers. Great advice.

You could probably get your floors done a little cheaper by going to someone else who cuts corners and plays that game - but you know the deal - you get what you pay for. Elegant Floors offers the perfect combination: Customer service, professionalism, attention to detail, trustworthiness, and top notch materials all at a very competitive price.

He's the best home improvement choice I've ever made. 

Mark G.Charlotte, NC


Hardwood floor refinishing without all the dust! We employ the latest portable dust containment systems to keep your home clean during the sanding process. Offering environmentally friendly waterborne finishes and  Bona Craft Oil 2K 

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